What are the Side effects of using excess provigil dosage

provigil trial packProvigil is a medication that is prescribed by the doctors to treat various sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness, shift work disorder and much more. We know that how much important is sleep to us because if we don’t get proper sleep then it will cost our health. Not only this, you won’t see the children ir the old age people suffering from sleep issues hut the adults and the students are the ones who suffer through a lot. Because in today’s time, studying and earning money is much more important than sleep for the students and the adults but then they fail to realize that nothing is more important than sleep and health because if anything happens to health then even wealth cannot do much in that case. Therefore it is usually recommended to have a proper schedule and timing so that everything is well maintained properly. Coming back to the point, we know that there certain medications to treat the sleep disorders that are caused by not getting enough sleep.

Provigil medication is one of the smart drug or the medication which not only helps to treat the sleep disorders but also increases the focus and concentration and improves the cognitive functions which in return gives good results. It gives the ability to actively stay awake and do the things actively and not only this, it has also been found that this smart drug improves the mood and enables one to perform the tasks actively. These are the positive aspects of the medications that are known by the people but then it is also important to know that this should be prescribed the doctors with a proper dosage.

Because excess dosage of provigil can prove to be fatal and can cause harm to the health. How? Already there are side effects that comes with the medication such as headache, nausea, runny nose,dizziness, upset stomach and many other things. A regular dosage is recommended because if you have excess then it can lead to severe heart problems, rash or even mental problems. Therefore proper dosage is highly advisable by the doctors.

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