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Understanding The Science Of Sleep

It’s thought sleep is the time when your body and brain are at rest. But according to sleep experts it is during sleep your brain works best, it tries to rejuvenate itself to be able to perform better each day. When you sleep you pass through different stages of sleep and your brain will pass repeatedly through these stages out of which four are non rapid eye movement (REM) stages and the fifth is REM sleep. It is during REM stage, you may have dreams and during this period your eyes move rapidly, but you are unaware of what’s happening to your body parts.

Why is sleep important?

Poor sleep can have negative impact on your brain function. You may not be able to complete sleep due to various reasons like – stress, unhealthy habits or due to health issues. However, regular poor sleep can be harmful and put you at risk for developing serious health problems. Sleep is very important for your brain to function properly and also it can be helpful in eliminating waste material from the brain cells, which may not be possible when you are awake. So the brain’s main job is creating memory and capacity for the future use which is mostly done in your sleep.

Poor sleep can have serious effects on your physical and mental health lowering your quality of life. Even you body needs a good sleep every night to carry out its functions smoothly. It is during sleep, your body recharges itself by restoring its chemical balance. At least 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep is recommended for a healthy living.

Sleep deprivation can cause number of health problems like – high blood pressure, headaches, seizures, depression, low immunity, weight gain and fatigue. Your well being is strongly interlinked to your sleeping habits. It is the night time sleep which decides the quality of your sleep, so make sure to sleep well at night to be active the following day.

Ways to get good sleep

  • Maintaining sleep time is very important, if you go to sleep at the same time each day and wake up at the same hour, it helps your body develop healthy sleep habits.
  • Whenever you plan to sleep stay away from television, computer and phones as these things distract your sleep as the light from these gadgets effects the production of melatonin the hormone responsible for making you sleep. If you want to get good sleep switch off the all screens and keep your room cool and dark to help you sleep better.

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