Sleep Disorder

Types of Sleeping Disorder

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Young woman lying in bed

Sleep is most essential and unavoidable part of life. So, one would be very particular about their help. For adult people at least 8 hour sleep is essential so. One should be feel happy in the morning after waking up if this is not happen with you then something is wrong with your sleep. This kind of problem is very common in many men now days. If this problem persists for long time then it would be cause sleeping disorder which has medical term insomnia. I will today give few example of sleep disorder in details.

 Most common Sleeping problem as follows:

Insomnia: Many times it happens that many people are unable to initiate the sleep. If this problem persist for more than years which is termed as insomnia. There are many reasons exist behind this problem like depression, anxiety and stress in general life.

Narcolepsy: It is neurological disorder in which person could not maintain the sleep-wake cycles properly which results in drowsiness in working time and no sleeping at night so this will really very frustrating situation in life.

Night terror:  This is normally happening with the children.  Many children have certain kind of fear which make obstacle in regular sleeping.

Parasomnia: Some people has habit to something in sleeping like bed wetting, nightmares and bed wetting etc.

Sleep is very important so always take complete sleep and be happy.

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