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What to know about power naps?

Who doesn’t love to take naps? Everyone does. In fact, there are some people who would rather prefer taking naps then hogging up to caffeine or tea. Naps, are mostly considered to be not so important but then when it is compared to the studies, then it has been stated that naps are actually good especially the power naps. Daytime naps [...]

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Benefits of Napping

Many people can’t work energetically during the daytime if they don’t have a nap in the afternoon. In some countries like Spain, napping include in their culture but in some it’s not the same. You might wonder what are the benefits of napping and whether there are any downsides to it or no. There are no straight answers to it as such. In [...]

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Signs Of Micro Sleep

Micro sleeps can be associated with brief loss of attention and become drowsy for a fraction of seconds in which the person fails to understand what has happened. Micro sleep can also mean abrupt shifts between being awake and sleeping. Micro sleep is common among those who suffer from insomnia or are sleep deprived and those who work in [...]