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Is Napping Good or Bad for You?

You are rightfully confused by the concept of napping. As a recent research suggested a link between napping and higher mortality rates, organizations and institutes in the West are setting up nap rooms to boost the work force productivity. Lets face it, it’s a dream to receive this napping consensus. Know the reason for napping However, [...]

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How Meditation Helps Insomnia?

Facing sleepless nights that makes you feel tired the following day? Feeling worn out, not interested in doing your work? Infact your ability to perform daily task has gone for a toss? Then you are suffering from sleep disorder called insomnia. Insomnia is a complicated sleep disorder. Affecting people in which they experience [...]

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What are the best Nootropics?

Did you ever want to just pop a pill that can enhance your cognitive and memorising skills and make your brain active? I am sure all of you may have wondered if such a drug existed that can make you more productive and ahead of others at school or work. That was a movie so the effects were a bit over the top, but the concept [...]

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How to buy Provigil online?

Provigil a performance enhancer drug, popular worldwide it has become favorite with many people who experience excessive fatigue during the day or who find it difficult to sustain their concentration to complete the work. To be more precise about why this drug has caught attention of so many people – PROVIGIL is a smart drug that [...]

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Can Vitamins Boost Your Memory?

Regardless of whether you have Alzheimer’s or a minimal memory issue, several vitamins and fatty acids can slow down the loss of memory or prevent it altogether.The long list of said nutrients include vitamin B 12, herbal supplements like salvia, and omega 3-fatty acids. But can these nutrients really boost a deteriorating memory in a [...]

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Effect of Caffeine on Memory

Caffeine is widely consumed throughout the world for its various qualities and effects including its stimulant like effects on mood and as an enhancer of cognitive functions. People do believe that there is something about caffeine that stimulates brain to perform better. It does stimulate brain by inhibiting the release of chemical [...]